5 tips for choosing your shoes

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They will accompany you from the ceremony until the end of the night, to walk, dance, waltz and jump for joy! Be careful, make the right choice!

Chic, retro, classic , glamorous… Depending on your desires, your shoes can be combined with your dress for a queenly presence, without missteps!

Choose your shoe to match your dress Unless you are a Carry Bradshaw, you will probably choose your dress first, then match your shoes to it.

Stiletto heels, flat sandals, ballet flats, sneakers for the most daring… The choice is wide!

If your choice turns to a short to mid-length wedding dress, be imaginative with your heels! You can give a quirky side by choosing shoes with a bright color and different from those of your dress.

Even if your dress is long, do not overlook the choice of your shoes. It only takes a moment when your petticoat will rise to reveal your feet! No way will your guests see your super comfortable old faded sneakers that you use as slippers.

Be careful to keep the style consistent: if you choose a bohemian dress with lace, rhinestone heels and platforms will surely not be suitable.

Dare to color! White of course, if you have a white dress, but be careful that it matches. Our advice: nude is extremely popular because it goes with everything. You can also choose a color corresponding to the theme of your wedding for a colorful wink , and surprise your guests by letting a bright red or midnight blue appear.

Plan an alternative

Plan another pair of flat and comfortable shoes for less flat floors and wild dances! But be careful, Cinderella has the right to go to the ballerinas once the ball is well underway . Try to keep your princess shoes on at least until the first dances!

Wear and wear your shoes!

Before the wedding, it is important to try on several  dresses, but also several shoes in order to be sure! Take care to check that your shoes do not injure you, by wearing them regularly. Plus, it will help soften them up so you feel completely comfortable in them!

Heels, not at any price!

And for once we’re not talking about the budget…but about the condition of your feet!

If you choose high heels and you’re not used to them, wear them regularly in the evenings or on weekends at home, a few weeks before the wedding, to get used to walking in them. But avoid heels over 8 cm if you’re not used to them! There’s nothing worse than staying on your feet all day (moreover, the day that should be THE day of your dreams) in stiletto heels without feeling comfortable. Don’t ruin your day or your first dance with sore feet. In addition, you risk injuring yourself.

1/ The shoes complement the style of the wedding dress , so we don’t wait until the last week to find the famous pair. First, alterations will surely be expected to adjust the length of the dress. Secondly, if the choice fell on fanciful shoes, it would be a good idea to make sure that the whole is harmonious. We like surprises, but not on our wedding day!

2/ Bridal shoes must take into account the style, but also the length of the wedding dress. A short wedding dress? The shoes will undeniably be the divas of the look because the eyes will be polarized on our feet. We therefore favor a chic, daring model, which has “the dog”: laced sandals, sandals with crystals, lace, metallic colors… A long wedding dress? The shoes will be more discreet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see them. This is therefore not an excuse to take this purchase lightly!

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