Why choose a pen as a promotional item?

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How to choose the right advertising pen?

The choice of a personalized pen influences the image of a company. Thanks to the pen, you will generate affect, surprise, usefulness, practicality and a subliminal message. It is therefore essential to know how to choose it. We must not ignore the importance of reflection upstream of communication projects, because the purchase of a pen cannot be compulsive or relegated to the last moment: “if we have the time and if there is budget “. Knowledge of the writing instrument is not innate, so it is necessary to rely on an expert in the promotional market to make the right choice.

Why choose a responsible personalized pen?

The media object is a vector of strong messages. It allows a brand to convey its values ​​and its commitments, such as environmental protection, 85% of French people believe that the ecological criterion is important* in the choice of an object. The promotional pen is no exception to this trend and places more and more emphasis on sustainable materials, or even on recyclable and biodegradable materials. It thus becomes a responsible advertising item that meets the “3 Rs”: reduce, recycle, reuse .

Choosing the right advertising pen: materials and sources

Having become a central subject in our society, the environmental aspect must be taken into account when choosing your pen. Still according to the 2FPCO* study, in addition to the ethical and ecological side, Made in France and Made in Europe are important criteria for the French consumer. Thus 74% of those questioned find that the guarantee of French production is important, against 69% for European production.

Discover our selection of responsible pens!

74% of French people find that the guarantee of French production is important*

Did you know that there are many ecological pens made in France and made in Europe? The pen can also boast of being able to be declined in several materials. Indeed, new alternatives have emerged to reduce the carbon footprint of promotional pens, whose production of plastic from oil depletes renewable resources. Like bio plastics (PLA – Biocomposite), or even recycled plastics (PET-rPET). Another solution to plastic remains the use of natural materials such as wood, cork, cardboard or even paper.

A short non-exhaustive tour of the possibilities available to you and which will guide you in your choice!

For an even more positive message, what better than to opt for a pen that hasn’t traveled much? Thus carbon emissions related to transport decrease and you support French and European companies such as personalized Bic pens, Senator or Prodir .

PLA is a bioplastic which has the advantage of being both biosourced and biodegradable. Designed from plastic and vegetable matter (such as corn or sugar cane), a PLA pen will therefore be, depending on its composition, biodegradable and compostable. The biocomposite is a combination of thermoplastic resin and various wastes, particularly from agriculture. This waste can be in the form of vegetable fibers (hemp, flax, wood) of fruits (grape seeds, coffee grounds). But also shells. (oysters, mussels)

PET is a type of recyclable plastic (polyterephthalate in French). rPET indicates that the PET used comes from recycled plastics. The manufacture of these recycled plastics produces little or no new raw materials and gives a second life to plastic waste such as water bottles.

Natural materials

Among the natural materials we find the wooden pen, cork , the bamboo pen or the cardboard pen. Their use reduces the carbon footprint of the promotional pen and ensures its recycling. Plastic is no longer the main component of a pen, other alternatives exist!

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