What are the baby accessories to be offered?

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the miracle blanket from red Castle

Babies have the Moro reflex at first, they suddenly raise their arms and are then awakened by this gesture. The blanket makes it easy to swaddle baby.

We swaddled Hugo for the first few weeks (we put him swaddled in the cocoon), so it feels weird and we feel a little bad at first to make a mummy of our baby, but for us it worked perfectly and the nights were long and calm (main objective of the parents at the beginning). When we felt he was no longer comfortable there, we stopped.

– a big and pretty diaper bag!

It is not easy to find the ideal. I bought the style model from babymoov, super practical with lots of pockets, a small changing mat, big enough and I wear it regularly in my handbag without being ashamed!

– Bath chair

We recovered a small bathtub as well as a deckchair to put Baby on.

It is very useful for the first few months. We have free arms to be able to rinse and caress baby and he is comfortably installed during the bath

– bath thermometer

We bought the Advent flower! It works perfectly

-my little list of “beauty” products for babies:

I’m more like “the less the better” and for the moment It suits Hugo perfectly. So Liniment  for the change (we’ve been using Gifer’s since the beginning), physiological serum for cleaning the face and eyes, a La Roche Posay cleansing oil to wash it (Hugo tended to have dry skin and that left immediately with this oil).

– small natural sponges again for the bath and to rinse baby, it is very practical and soft to the touch

– nappies, lots of nappies

I had been stupid enough to buy a few bibs in small sizes and I regretted it. So I definitely breastfed Hugo, he regularly had reflux and suddenly the nappies are perfect for all that. We had a super hot summer and a diaper between him and the cocoon or between him and my skin was good for us. I continue to use it regularly. I love those of Aden and Anais . They are soft and light.

Baby is very small and fragile at first. We hardly dare shake it so we adopt these bodysuits and for a long time! If I could I would use it again (Hugo is 11 months old!)

– I will add a small auxiliary heater for the bathroom which blows hard and fast and of course a changing table, an essential in my opinion for babies.


  • baby sleeping bags (3, 2 for the house and 1 for the nanny)
  • Mom’s bottles
  • a deckchair that can be raised
  • changing mat
  • Baby carrier
  • a cozy
  • baby monitor (not necessarily video which is a gadget)
  • a thermos (to carry hot water for baby bottles)
  • inclined plane (for crowded babies)
  • a vanity instead of a diaper bag


1. A nursing pillow , when the whale mode is “on” it’s completely essential to spend a little quieter nights

2. Astriae anti-stretch mark cream, it stinks but it is ultra effective and recommended by dermatologists. I wrote an article about it here.

3. The cocoonababy , it looks like a big gadget but it was essential for us the first few months. He served as a deckchair, a bed, everything.

4. aden and anais swaddles . My 16 month old son is able to recognize an aden and anais fabric at least 10 meters away. They are super soft and the patterns are really nice

5. 10 bodysuits and 10 pajamas for the first sizes. It really wasn’t too much for us.

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