Sleep and beauty – which night face care routine to adopt?

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These attacks generate free radicals , which have a destructive action on the DNA of the cell. If it duplicates as it is, then the cells will be dysfunctional. And if nature has fortunately provided a self-repair system for the cells, it often remains insufficient in the face of the number and frequency of scratches. Moreover, this system weakens over time.

Which night cream to choose?

A night cream is the ideal treatment to support your skin in this recovery phase.

Favor a night cream adapted to the biological rhythm of the skin, and developed to target the cutaneous mechanisms that operate during the night. Like all other Dr. Pierre Ricaud night treatments, our anti-aging night creams contain active ingredients that support the regeneration and repair of your skin . In addition to providing comfort and serenity, they slow down the appearance of wrinkles and act effectively on lack of radiance and fatigue. Enriched with detox oligosaccharides, our night cream with probiotics stimulates, for example, the natural nocturnal mechanisms of your skin, to regenerate and detoxify it.

What night face care routine?

To go further, you can associate with your night cream for the face:

an eye contour : it is used in addition to your serum and your cream. Its formula also contains regenerating and detoxifying active ingredients. Fragrance-free, it respects the fragile area around the eyes; a night serum : it also stimulates the skin’s natural nocturnal mechanisms, and prepares your skin to receive the night cream. An ultra-regenerating night care routine, for de-fatigued skin when you wake up .

What facial cleanser before going to sleep?

For beautiful skin when you wake up, don’t neglect evening make-up removal in your night face care routine. Even if you are not wearing makeup, this essential skin cleansing step allows you to:

eliminate impurities and pollution accumulated during the day;  massage the face and activate blood microcirculation , which is excellent for the quality of the skin; to prepare the skin to receive night care.

Light, soft and non-greasy, the micellar cleansing milk 2 in 1 face and eye tonic offers effective make-up removal and good cleansing of the skin.

For women who prefer make-up removal with water , opt for the anti-pollution micellar make-up remover oil .

A 2-in-1 product for all skin types, make- up remover micellar water effectively removes make-up from the face and eyes, and purifies and cleanses the skin of its impurities. The micelles cleanse the skin by trapping oil and impurities, and the rebalancing prebiotic helps the skin maintain its balance.

For an express peel without rinsing , you can finally use a face lotion with AHA (fruit acids). It can be applied every day on normal to combination skin, and every other day on sensitive skin, after make-up removal and before your night cream. The lotion stimulates cell renewal , tightens pores and smoothes skin texture .

What is Beauty Sleep?

Combined with an adapted nighttime face care routine and a quality night’s sleep, Beauty Sleep consists of allowing yourself a few pleasant moments at the end of the day. In addition to enjoying rested and refreshed skin when you wake up , this ritual helps fight the signs of aging and premature aging .

Define your Beauty Sleep ritual

Decompressing after a long day is not necessarily easy. We each have our own way of doing things and our sources of recovery and serenity.

Moment of beauty, intellectual relaxation and bodily relaxation : at Dr. Pierre Ricaud, we invite you to allow yourself three pleasant moments in the evening, before going to bed.

A moment of beauty

Give yourself a moment of disconnection and beauty . Fully present and in the moment, give your full attention to what you are doing. For example, you can remove your make-up or carry out your night ritual by candlelight, with background music, or on the contrary in total silence.

Slow down the pace and make slow movements. Apply your night face care by gently massaging your skin. In addition to relaxing you , these delicate movements promote blood micro-circulation . Choose facial treatments that are pleasant to apply and adapted to your skin type (for combination skin, oily skin or dry skin).

A moment of physical relaxation

Discover the recommended gestures of sophrology:

Lying on your bed, close your eyes and feel the pressure points of your body on the mattress. Relax your muscles, and let your body sink into the mattress. Imagine your heavy body, very heavy…

Gradually relax each part of your body: start with the head, then the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands to the fingertips. Continue with the plexus and diaphragm, abdomen, back, pelvis and glutes. Then relax your thighs, your legs, and finally your feet to their ends.

Pay full attention to your breathing:

Take a deep, slow breath in through your nose and expand your belly; then blow slowly through your mouth, all the way. Watch your belly rise and fall, like a wave of relaxation. Inhale for a count of 5 and exhale for a count of 10. Imagine exhaling black, gray or smoke, whatever you no longer want and imagine drifting away.

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