6 tips for choosing the right shoes for the groom

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The bride is not alone in playing an essential role on the wedding day. Because all eyes will also be on you, you will have to display an impeccable look! Today we offer some tips to guide you in your selection of shoes.

1. Find your suit first

Don’t skip the steps! Before you start looking for your wedding shoes, you need to find the white or black wedding suit that will accompany you throughout the day.

Your shoes will have to adapt to the style of your garment as well as to its material and color.

2. Consider your wedding style

Have you already defined the atmosphere of D-Day? Will it be a classic, modern, hipster, rustic, vintage wedding? This is another criterion to consider when choosing your shoes. Classic weddings will call for a more formal model , country weddings a more relaxed model as we will see in the next paragraph.

3. What kind of shoes?

If you think that men have a very limited choice when it comes to shoes, you are wrong! There are actually different designs to choose from depending on the style of one’s suit and reception.

For a classic wedding, we advise you to opt for Oxfords or Oxfords , the most formal shoes and perfect for a suit. Very fine, these shoes are particularly elegant. You can recognize the Richelieu by their Blake construction and the fact that they don’t have a flap.

For a slightly more sporty look while remaining in a formal aesthetic, opt for the derby , rivals of the Richelieu! Here the line of the shoe is a little wider while remaining elegant. Derby shoes are generally more comfortable and easier to put on thanks to a wider opening.

Hipster or casual wedding on the horizon? Make the bet of the moccasin or loafer ! Simple, elegant and comfortable, this model without laces sometimes decorated with tassels is worn black, brown or colored according to the atmosphere of your wedding.

4. Which material do you prefer?

Quality leather is the best advice regardless of the type of footwear you are considering. Allocate a certain budget to your shoes in order to obtain a beautiful material, the bad leather is spotted immediately and takes away the chic from your outfit . Unlike Oxfords and Derby shoes, moccasins can be worn in leather or suede for maximum comfort.

Regarding the fabric of the costume, we generally associate the Oxford with a fine fabric and the derby with a little thicker fabric , with velvet or tweed. You can also wear leather Derby shoes with flannel pants.

5. Which color do you prefer?

Here it all depends on the outfit you plan to wear. If you’re considering a black suit, black shoes are a must. For a blue wedding suit , brown shoes provide a nice contrast. However, you may prefer black shoes to pair with a white shirt and black tie. If your preference is for the gray wedding suit , brown shoes are an option.

For more originality, bet on blue shoes such as royal blue derbies. If your wedding theme has a bright color as its main object , it’s up to you to see if you dare to display it at your toes. In the absence of colored shoes, bet on socks !

6. Don’t forget the comfort criterion

Even if you’ve fallen for a pair of Oxfords, first make sure you can wear them all day long. Take the time to really try on your shoes in the store. If you have chosen a fairly stiff model, wear your shoes in the weeks leading up to D-Day to make them fit your foot.

Your big day outfit is now ready. You can therefore post your wedding invitations with complete peace of mind. You’ve managed to put together an elegant-looking suit and shoes that will go perfectly with the aesthetic of your chic wedding invitation !

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