How to choose a luxury pen?

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The rollerball pen

More accessible than a fountain pen and very easy to use, the roller pen is a pen halfway with the ballpoint pen, which allows you to write without having to press down on the paper. The reason ? Its ink, whose cartridges can be changed according to the desires of the moment, whether it is thickness or color. Indeed, the latter is more liquid, and consists of water. And if we are used to calling it “gel ink”, roller ink has a greater density, and therefore grips the paper very well.

However, it does not exclude (quite the contrary) the risk of smudging, and cannot be recommended for left-handers. Between a fluid writing quality and its rollerball tip, the rollerball is therefore an ideal writing instrument when you start calligraphy or when you want to write quickly. This is the reason why some teachers use it as a daily companion.

In this perspective, the Visconti Mirage Rollerball is the perfect alliance between the design of a beautiful resin fountain pen and the practicality of a rollerball . A nice entry-level alternative, which is sure to suit most of us looking for comfort and design. Because this is what the Stylographer tells us: “ What makes you choose one pen over another is that you first choose it for yourself. If you are an architect or technician, you will choose pens that have a certain look and design. A bit when buying a car. It must look like us and please us. »

rollerball pen

Diplomat rollerball pen

The felt

Felt pen is a timeless type of pen, which, however, does not have the same codes as a “classic” pen. And yet, choosing a beautiful felt pen is the assurance of being able to write with precision, depending on the lead you choose. Between the polyester fiber mine , or the nylon mine (both resistant to crushing), this writing instrument must be carefully studied, compared, before being chosen. With its liquid ink (not always dilutable), the felt is clearly distinguished from the roller by its longer drying time.

Nevertheless, felt tips allow you to write on a good number of supports, even at entry-level. However, pay attention to its capillarity, which may tend to cross the paper depending on the pressure exerted. Far from the image of a school felt-tip pen or a highlighter, the felt-tip pen can therefore quite become a beautiful daily object, like Montblanc’s StarWalker fine-tip pen , which breaks all the clichés on the felt-tip pen and succeeds, thanks to its materials, in transporting us into a writing experience above all else. The little extra? Its refill system, because a beautiful pen is above all a pen that lasts!

Montblanc Fineliner

pen brands for men

Knowing how to put a budget on a pen is not as obvious an issue as it seems. Because as rich as the world of writing is, rare are the brands to offer harmonious ranges when it comes to price. All have more or less expensive materials, more or less worked types of pens. Moreover, it goes without saying that a mechanical pencil and a fountain pen are not often worth the same price. Fortunately, there are averages, which you can use to find a pen according to your budget. Averages which can vary, but which have the advantage of focusing our choice for the pen most consistent with our desires and our uses. Some brands can therefore be found in several categories, but since choices have to be made, here are our inspirations!

What is the biggest pen brand?

Brands of pens under For smaller budgets, many brands are available, whether fountain pens or ballpoint pens. Among these brands, we have selected two offers, whose balance between the different criteria gives us products of good quality.

Pens My Stylo French

Mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen, fountain pen, Mon Stylo Français is a brand of writing instruments whose range does not extend beyond the hundred euros. Made in France , the products offered here highlight a certain hexagonal know-how, which is materialized by products both in resin and in bamboo wood, in order to suit as many of us as possible. Entire collections of pens are even offered, so you no longer have to choose between use and comfort!

Parker pens

We often know Parker for the enticing offer of pens at affordable prices, well… it is! Between its Heritage, Exclusive, Classic, Distinguished, or Essential collections, the brand has succeeded in the daring bet of offering us refined, yet accessible writing instruments. Because yes, a beautiful fountain pen under 100€ is possible! And if Parker is also recognized in its field, it is also because the brand knows how to reinvent itself, and adapt its products to the desires and behaviors of its time. Evidenced by the manufacturing of its iconic Jotter model since 2010, entirely carried out in France, all for a few handfuls of euros!

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