Who are hair extensions for?

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natural hair growth

Some people just can’t grow their natural hair no matter how patient, gentle and careful they are. If you are one of these women, natural hair extensions will get rid of all your complexes, permanently and in record time.

The regret of a haircut

You may miss your haircut. The quality of the hairdresser often has nothing to do with it: you wanted to try out a new hairstyle, but you are not at all satisfied with the result, because it does not ultimately match your facial style. In this case, you can use hair extensions, until your natural hair regains its length.

Fine hair extensions

1. Volume

If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair , it can hurt your confidence. Hair extensions are the best way to find beautiful, voluminous, supple and natural hair.

The nature of the hair is due to heredity. If you have fine hair, or are losing your hair, you will often find this same characteristic in your parents. In this case, you must take the greatest care of your hair, but despite everything, to fill this deficit, only extensions come to your rescue.

On the other hand, hair tends to thin out with age, as it constantly renews itself throughout life, but, over time, regeneration is less effective. Women must also undergo hormonal shocks, especially during and after pregnancy, as well as at menopause.

Finally, fine hair lacks volume and limits you in hair styles. This is why extensions are ideal for women with thin or scanty hair. They allow you to restore volume and then be able to choose all the types of hairstyles you dream of.

Know that you need fewer extensions – around 50 – if you want to add volume, compared to the number to add length.

Ring extensions before after

2. Color

If you are not satisfied with the color of your hair, before considering permanent dyes, you can do a test with hair extensions. Dyes inevitably damage your hair, because they modify its structure, whereas you run no risk with extensions which are safe for your natural hair.

If you want to test a color, for your personal taste and to have the opinion of those around you, you can have natural hair extensions applied. It is ideal to choose hair from Russia, since they themselves are natural in color. If you choose hair from Asia, it is originally black and has been dyed. You will never get the same natural effect.

Russian women have hair of all colors: light blonde or dark blonde, light brown or dark brown, through all shades of hazelnut brown, chocolate or coffee, brown or black. You will therefore be able to choose your hair color with the greatest precision and wear perfectly natural extensions.

hair extensions paris

3. Styling

You may want to change your style, but not sure that long hair will suit you. Rather than waiting months for your natural hair to grow out – plus going through the often impractical and unattractive intermediate length stages – with hair extensions, you can change your look immediately.

Try all the lengths, but also all the hairstyles: loose, braided, in a ponytail, in a bun… With hair extensions you can do everything, including the most sophisticated and complicated hairstyles. You know no limits.

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle

4. A special occasion

Hair extensions are extremely practical for special occasions: for your wedding, your engagement, a graduation, an exceptional party, a prom…

Get instant help from hair extensions to sport gorgeous hair that you can style any way you want. Ask your hairdresser for advice, who will direct you to the most suitable installation technique, especially if you do not want to keep your extensions for a very long time after the special event for which you had them installed.

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